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Chloe Reynolds...

I began my video and film editing career in NYC about 11 years ago. I trained at The Edit Center in Manhattan. After which I worked on several films but then landed a job as an in-house editor for Spot Creative. I worked mostly with short form commercial and promotional videos. Which gives me very good insight to working with businesses and what they are trying to achieve. I worked for clients such as, Verizon, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Telemundo, International Paper, Kyocera, Cornell University, NYC Langone, NYC Highline, and The 9-11 Museum. 

I also honed my skills in photography and videography allowing me to have my hands on all sides of the production field. 

That is why I started Chloe Reynolds Media. I love creating and making, and now I can share my skills with others.

We would love to help you tell your story. As well as promoting your business through imagery and content, focusing on the product and getting your brand noticed.

With Chloe Reynolds Media you will get one on one attention and personalised  strategy. We realise we are representing your voice and we take the time to get to know you and your business.


413 - 923 - 1426



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